The Art of Conversation

16 mm film | 29 minutes | 1994


Jack Stone is bright yellow and fairly cheerful about it, all things considered. He has terminal liver cancer and must spend his last month on earth in a hospital. Family, friends, and total strangers surround Jack's bedside to engage him in meaningful conversation while Jack's wife tries to fend off the visiting intruders. The film is a humorous and pointed examination of "conversations" in the face of death.


Nov. 1994 Worldfest-Charleston International Film & Video Festival, * Bronze Award - Original Drama Short*
Jan 1995 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France
April 1995 Cleveland International Film Festival, Ohio
May 1995 Cracow International Short Film Festival, Poland
Aug 1995 Montreal World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada

Ten Ways to Abuse an Old Woman

16 mm film | 23 minutes | 1992

The Canadian Film Centre owns the rights to this film. Please contact them for information regarding renting.



Aug 1992 Montreal World Film Festival
Dec 1992 Recontres International Henri Langloise- Poitiers, France * Prix Special du Jury *
Jan 1993 Palm Springs International Film Festival, California
Mar 1993 La Mondiale- Films et videos realises par des femmes-
Quebec City, Quebec, * Jury Prize *
Mar 1993 Tampere International Short Film Festival - Finland
April 1993 screening at the Euclid Theatre- "Myths, Mothers and
Mother Earth"
Nov 1993 * Official Selection, Premier opening screening *
Recontres International Henri Langlois, Poitiers, France
April 1994 Montreal International Short Film Festival, Quebec.
May 1994 Terra Nova Film Festival, Chicago, USA
June 1994 screening at "Venus Works," The Gathering
Theatre PasseMuraille, Toronto, Ont
Oct 1998 Blinding Light Cinema, Vancouver, B.C.