Waiting for the Revolution

A novel

Waiting for the RevoltionIn the summer of 1974 straight-laced Jay doesn’t like beer, doesn’t do drugs, and finds the whole hip revolutionary concept a little convoluted. She’s an artist, but her realistic outlook and painting doesn’t fit in with the art scene. It comes as no surprise that when she follows her high school crush from Victoria to the University of Toronto, expecting to fall in love, she is instead overwhelmed by throngs of hippies, judgmental art teachers, and boy-crazy sorority girls. With freewheeling attitudes towards sex and love swirling around her, Jay could not possibly be more confused about where she stands in the grand scheme of things. Sally Clark’s novel perfectly captures a sexual and social revolution that was not all it was cracked up to be.

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Jehanne of the Witches

2 act play

Christianity vs. Paganism provides the backdrop for this play-within-a-play centering on the relationship between Joan of Arc and the reputed mass murderer, Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard).


Life Without Instruction

2 act Play

Life Without InstructionBased on a true story and a real trial. Artemesia Gentileschi's father, the late-Renaissance painter Orazio Gentileschi, takes the unusual step of having his daughter trained in painting under the instruction of his friend, AgostinoTassi. Tassi rapes Artemesia, and is taken to trial. A revenge comedy.


“Like most good playwrights, Sally Clark doesn’t offer any one answer, but rather asks interesting questions. What is the nature of respect in any relationship? Is telling half the truth a whole lie? Is it in the nature of art to deceive? If one has the ability to respond, and one does not, is this then irresponsibiliy?” — Duncan McIntosh

“Sally Clark’s great talents as a playwright are her seemingly effortless ability to shift from light to dark and her finely tuned understanding of life’s rich ambiguities.” — Toronto Star


Lost Souls & Missing Persons

2 act play

Lost Souls & Missing PersonsA housewife and mother goes missing while on holiday in New York City. As her husband searches for her, she becomes a gibberish-speaking street person. Flashbacks of her past alternate with scenes from her present.Tragical comical.





2 act play

MooWinner of Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best Play When the feisty and rebellious Moragh (Moo) meets the intriguing Harry, she decides nothing will ever separate them... and Harry has been running ever since. A comedy about obsession.

Saint Frances of Hollywood

2 act play

Saint Frances of HollywoodHer star rising as a Hollywood diva, Frances Farmer refuses to be 'just another pretty face' and champions Socialist causes. This raucous, non-conforming movie star was pursued by the government for her alleged communist connections and finally incarcerated in a Seattle psychiatric hospital. Comical Tragical.


Ten Ways to Abuse an Old Woman

1 act play

A black-hearted look at the relationship between a woman and her elderly mother.


The Trial of Judith K.

2 act play

The Trial of Judith KNominated for Dora Mavor Moore Award and Governor General’s Award for Best Play Roughly based on The Trial by Franz Kafka, this black comedy transforms the lead character into a modern business woman, Judith K. who finds herself accused of an unknown crime. The more she delves into the bureaucratic nightmare, the more her world unravels and the more she is entangled in the increasingly obscure process of the trial.


Trial of a Ladies Man

1 act play

Four women get revenge on the "Ladies Man.”



2 act play

WantedIt is 1897, and word of gold on the Klondike has spurred a frantic rush of miners to cash in on the riches. But by the time the prospectors arrive, all the claims have been staked. Desperation sets in over the landscape and people will do literally anything to survive.




2 act play

WaspsVal McIntosh, a sane sensible librarian marries in haste and repents at leisure. A drawing room farce for distempered times.