Theatre/Film CV

Sally Clark- Theatre and Film CV

Awards and Appointments

2024 Gold Award and Festival Favourite Gold Award for produced audiodrama, pilot episode of “The King of Nothing’ for HearNow Podcast Palooza, National Audio Theatre Festival, USA.

2013 Grant from Armenian Society of Toronto to write a play about the artist, Arshile Gorky for the 2015 anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

2003/2004 Orion/Lansdowne Visitor –Department of Theatre and Writing at the University of Victoria for 4 months

Sept 2001 Canada Council Grant to be Playwright-in-residence at Nakai Theatre, Whitehorse

April 2001 Whitehorse Writer’s Festival, dramaturge for Nakai Theatre

Summer 2000 Writer in residence at Berton House, Dawson City, Yukon 

March 1997 University of Windsor, Creative Writing Dept. (Theatre & Communications Studies Dept) Writer-in-residence

Nov 1995One of two filmmakers shortlisted for B.C.’s “Premiere”programme (New Views) to be given one million dollars to direct my feature film, “Moo.”

Jan. 1995 Special N.A.F.T.A. grant- one of ten artists selected to represent Canada in an Artist-in-residency programme in the United States, Residency at the University of Cincinnati,taught Playwriting at the University

Nov 1994 Short film, “The Art of Conversation”* Bronze Award * Best Dramatic Short, Worldfest Charleston

Dec. 1992 Short film, “Ten ways to abuse an old woman” *Special Prix du Jury* Henri Langlois International Short Film Festival, France

1991-92 Resident at the Canadian Film Centre, directed short film,“Ten ways to abuse an old woman” 

Oct 1991 “The Trial of Judith K.” nominated for the Governor-General’s Award for Drama

May 1990 Dora Mavor Moore Best play nomination for “The Trial of Judith K.”

Jan 1990 Chalmers Best Play Award for “Moo”

May 1989 Dora Mavor Moore Best play nomination for “Moo”

May 1988 Playwright-in-residence at the Shaw Festival, Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario

1986-87 Playwright-in-residence at Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto, 


Feb 2016 “The Trial of Judith K.” Thought for Food Productions,Toronto, Ont.

Sept 2011 “The Trial of Judith K.” Frederick Wood Theatre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Nov 2011 “Jehanne of the Witches” Laura C. Muir, Theatre, Douglas College, New Westminster, B

July 2005 “Saint Frances of Hollywood,” Manhattan Theatre Source, New York, NY,  directed by Daryl Boling

March 2003 “WANTED,” Nakai Theatre, Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, Yukon Territories, directed by Michael Clark

March 1999 “Moo,” 42nd St. Workshop, New York, N.Y.

January 1998 “The Widow Judith,” Guardian Springs Productions,  directed by Brian Richmond, Toronto, Ontario.

October 1997 “W.A.S.P.S” produced by Origins Theatre, directed by myself, Vancouver Little Theatre, Vancouver, B.C.

March 1996 “W.A.S.P.s” produced by Air-Conditioned Theatre, directed by Derek Boyes, Factory Theatre Studio, Toronto, Ont.

Jan 1996 “Saint Frances of Hollywood”- Independent Artists Productions, Canadian Stage, Upstairs Theatre, Toronto. directed by Hrant Alianak

April 1993 “La vie sans mode d’emploie,” French translation of “Life Without Instruction,” Theatre du Manufacture, Montreal, Quebec, directed by Fernand Rainville

Nov 1992 “Moo” Theatre North Collaborative, New York

July 1991 “Life without Instruction,” Theatre Plus at the Saint Lawrence Centre, Toronto, Ontario, directed by Glynis Leyshon

Nov 1989 “Moo” Perseverance Theatre, Juneau, Alaska

Nov 1989 “Jehanne of the Witches,” Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, Ont. directed by Clarke Rogers

Oct 1989 “The Trial of Judith K.” Canadian Stage Company, Toronto, Ontario, directed by Richard Greenblatt

Feb, 1989 “Lost souls and missing persons” directed by Roy Surette, TouchstoneTheatre, Vancouver, British Columbia

Jan 1989 “Moo” Factory Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, directed by Jackie Maxwell

Feb 1988 “Moo,” co-production Alberta Theatre Projects of Calgary  and The Belfrey Theatre of Victoria for “Novaplayrite’s 88,”

Olympic Arts Festival, Calgary, Alberta, directed by Glynis Leyshon

May 1984 “Lost souls and missing persons,” Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto,  Ontario, directed by Clarke Rogers


Waiting for the Revolution, a novel, Cormorant Books, 2010

WANTED, two-act play, Talonbooks, 2004 

W.A.S.P.S, two-act play, Talonbooks, 1998

Lost souls and missing persons, two-act play, Talonbooks, 1998

Saint Frances of Hollywood, two-act play, Talonbooks, 1996

Life Without Instruction, two-act play, Talonbooks, 1994

Jehanne of the Witches, two-act play in “Big Time Women from Way Back When”, Playwright’s Canada Press, 1993

The Trial of Judith K., two-act play, Playwrights Canada Press, 1991

Moo, two-act play, Playwrights Canada Press, 1989

Ten ways to abuse an old woman, one-act play in anthology,”Canadian Brash,” edited by Jason Sherman, Coach House Press, 1990

Also in “Playing the Pacific Province” edited by Ginny Ratsoy and James Hoffman,  Playwrights Canada Press, 2001

Trial of a Ladies man, one-act play in anthology, “Rhubarb-O-Rama,” edited by Franco Boni, Blizzard Publishing, 1998



The Widow Judith, two-act play, unpublished

Flotsam, two-act play, unpublished

Fire in the Heart, two-act play, unpublished

The King of Nothing, a trilogy of three two-act plays, unpublished 

Love Affair, novel, unpublished

The Luck of the Spinozas, novel, unpublished


FILMS (written and directed by myself)

“Ten ways to abuse an old woman” 1992 16 mm. colour film, 23 min.

“The Art of Conversation”  199416 mm colour film, 29 min.




16 mm film, 23 minutes    1992

August 92Montreal World Film Festival

Dec 92Recontres International Henri Langloise- Poitiers, France * Prix Special du Jury *

Jan 1993Palm Springs International Film Festival, California

March 1993La Mondiale- Films et videos realises par des femmes- Quebec City, Quebec,  * Jury Prize *

March 1993Tampere International Short Film Festival- Finland

April 1993screening at the Euclid Theatre- “Myths, Mothers and Mother Earth”

November 1993* Official Selection, Premier opening screening *Recontres International Henri Langlois, Poitiers, France

April 1994Montreal International Short Film Festival, Quebec.

May 1994Terra Nova Film Festival, Chicago, USA

June 1994screening at “Venus Works,” The Gathering, Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto, Ont

October 1998Blinding Light Cinema, Vancouver, B.C.


16 mm colour film, 29 minutes, 1994

Nov. 1994Worldfest-Charleston International Film & Video Festival, * Bronze Award- Original Drama Short*

Jan 1995Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France

April 1995Cleveland International Film Festival, Ohio 

May 1995Cracow International Short Film Festival, Poland 

August 1995Montreal World Film Festival,Montreal, Canada